Being one of Australia’s leading experts in Social Network Mapping –  Andrew Rixon PhD – has experience in utilising Network Mapping within a range of organisations ranging from corporate, tertiary and public sector environments. Here are some testimonial’s about Andrew’s work.

Information Flow Network“Well structured, credible, first-class facilitation”
“Very good insights into networks, their role and analysis”
“A good mix of theory and practice”
“Conceptual, ethical and practical introduction to SNA”

“We found the Network Mapping a great benefit.  The team learnt an enormous amount about their skills and abilities and how much others rely on their knowledge.  This had a powerful impact for the staff as they realised their value to fellow staff members and their contribution to the success of the department.  Many of the staff stood out as displaying positive leadership qualities which they were unaware of and have since been a great asset to the team and the organisation.” –Justine Minne, L&D Relationship Manager, Bendigo Bank

“The Barwon South West team of the Department of Planning & Community Development recently undertook an opportunity to work with Andrew Rixon to explore the value of the networks we have developed in our region. Andrew was a true partner on our journey to explore how we in our state government work could map, explore and improve our networks. His approach meant that the whole team was involved in developing our story. We gained confidence in our ability and our approach to the community capacity building work we do, as we now have an extra tool that will enable us to demonstrate the dynamic environment in which we work.” –Kerri Erler, Community Engagement Manager, Department of Planning and Community Development

“Our newly formed team consisting of scientists, managers, administrators and health professionals recently undertook the Social Network Analysis workshop to assist in understanding the role of networks. We found it helpful to identify networks, the roles people already play in our new team and roles they would prefer to be in. We made discoveries that surprised us and as a result have identified areas for us to work on. Importantly the day was fun and helped build further the team”. –Susan Brumby, Director National Centre for Farmer Health, Western District Health Service

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