Practical Social Network Analysis for Consultants, Managers and Leaders

Social Network Analysis PictureSocial Network Analysis is a powerful technique for providing insight into areas such as problem solver and knowledge flow networks, leadership development, succession planning, developing communities of practice and identifying and mapping internal or external stakeholder relationships and influences. The ability to explore the quality and extent of relationships makes Social Network Analysis a powerful tool for creating insight and change, and also one of the best kept secrets in change management.

In this practical hands-on 4 week online coaching program you will:

  • Learn Network Thinking, Relationship Thinking and the key concepts of SNA
  • Learn the 4 key steps of conducting a Social Network Analysis
  • Hear real world case-study applications of SNA within the world of organisational consulting
  • Gain experience in how to use software to support your Social Network Analysis
  • Develop an understanding of when and where SNA can and can’t be used

What will you get from this program?

This 4 week online coaching program provides you with:

  • A practical and flexible learning program that will help kick-start your own SNA project
  • Access to leading content and coaching
  • Different membership levels to meet your individual and organisational needs

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